Fri. Dec 8th, 2023
Yahsat’s Business Objectives and Technologies for Growth

Yahsat, a publicly listed company based in the UAE, is focused on driving growth and success in the satellite communications market. They offer multi-mission satellite services in over 150 countries, reaching more than 80% of the world’s population.

Yahsat’s key business objectives include connectivity, expansion, diversification of services, innovation, and customer focus. They aim to provide reliable and high-quality connectivity solutions to underserved areas, delivering broadband internet access to regions lacking traditional infrastructure.

The company is constantly striving to expand its satellite fleet and coverage areas, allowing them to reach more customers. They are also focused on diversifying their services, offering secure government and enterprise communication solutions, VSAT services, and broadcasting services.

To stay competitive, Yahsat emphasizes innovation in satellite technology, service offerings, and operational efficiency. They are investing in technologies such as IoT and machine-to-machine applications to meet the increasing demand for connected devices and enable applications like mass asset tracking and agriculture uses.

Yahsat’s digital transformation is also being driven by technologies like AI and Generative AI. AI technologies are optimizing efficiency and safety in operations through predictive maintenance, resource allocation, supply chain management, and risk management.

Generative AI is helping Yahsat in satellite design and functionality by generating novel configurations and optimizing factors like coverage area and data throughput. These technologies are enabling Yahsat to provide world-class services and enhance their operations.

Yahsat is collaborating with Hub71, an innovation partner, to accelerate startup technology adoption in satellite communications. Startups like Mental VR are providing their VR technology to deliver training programs for Yahsat personnel in remote locations, increasing productivity. Yahsat and Hub71 are working together to advance the UAE’s space industry and strengthen satellite communication technologies.

Yahsat has implemented Oracle Cloud-based Fusion ERP to streamline their business operations and enhance data accuracy, security, and compliance. This implementation has improved their efficiency and productivity, contributing to their growth and market performance.