Fri. Sep 29th, 2023
Satellite Hospital in Jaipur Falls Short of Promised Upgrades

The government-run Satellite Hospital on MD Road in Jaipur was announced as a 150-bed facility but has fallen short of expectations. Despite being converted into a satellite hospital, it lacks crucial infrastructure such as an ICU, a labour room, and a medicine specialist. Instead, it consists of two small rooms with fewer than 50 beds for patients.

The state government had initially allocated funds for a 50-bed hospital, but these were never released. Subsequently, it was announced that the hospital would be expanded to 150 beds. However, no significant improvements have been made thus far, leaving patients disappointed.

The lack of facilities is evident in the absence of a medicine specialist and ICU for patients requiring specialized treatment. While the hospital does operate an emergency facility, it fails to meet the needs of those with severe conditions. The basement is currently being used for storage, and the first floor is being utilized for office space, leaving only two small rooms on the ground floor for patients.

Due to the limited space, there is also no provision for a labour room, forcing pregnant women to seek delivery services at other government hospitals. While the hospital does offer X-ray and sonography facilities, there is a lack of CT-MRI scanning and blood availability. Additionally, there are only two operation theaters for eye and general surgeries.

The hospital currently employs around 40 doctors with only 26 nurses on staff. With the announcement of the hospital’s expansion, there is a pressing need for more space to accommodate the proposed 150-bed capacity.

Overall, the Satellite Hospital in Jaipur is a prominent example of the disparity between the government’s promises and the actual conditions on the ground. Patients and residents in the area continue to be underserved by the inadequate infrastructure and lack of essential facilities at this facility.