Tue. Oct 3rd, 2023
WISeKey and PLD Space Collaborate for Next-Generation Ultra Secure Satellites Launch

WISeKey International Holding Ltd. (“WISeKey”), a leading global cybersecurity, AI, Blockchain, and IoT company, has partnered with Spanish rocket company PLD Space for the launch of next-generation ultra-secure satellites.

WISeSat.Space, a Swiss satellite technology platform with 17 WISeSat-ready satellites in orbit, has joined forces with PLD Space, the European leader in small satellite space launches, to revolutionize the launch of ultra-secure WISeSat.Space picosatellites for Quantum-Ready Internet of Things (IoT) communications. The collaboration aims to integrate the VaultIC408 secure element into each network endpoint to ensure premium security levels throughout the IoT ecosystem.

The partnership’s goal is to provide cost-effective and accessible solutions for businesses of all sizes, enabling them to afford dedicated satellites for their connectivity needs. Seventeen WISeSat-ready satellites have already been launched into orbit, offering real-time IoT connectivity on a global scale for industrial applications with a data latency of just 10 hours.

The forthcoming generation of WISeSat-ready satellites will incorporate groundbreaking post-quantum solutions, developed through the joint effort of SEALSQ and WISeSat. These microchips and devices are engineered to withstand computational power advancements and ensure absolute data security in the quantum age.

The strategic partnership between WISeKey and PLD Space is a significant milestone for European Space, as PLD Space’s MIURA 1 suborbital launcher is the only rocket in Europe ready for launch. The launch of MIURA 1 will make PLD Space the first European company to launch a private rocket with recovery and reusability requirements. It will also enable Spain to become the tenth country in the world with direct access to space.

PLD Space is currently negotiating launch windows with the National Institute for Aerospace Technology (INTA) to confirm the exact launch date. This partnership represents a significant step towards creating quantum-ready IoT systems that offer secure, reliable, and real-time connectivity on a global scale.

More details about the collaboration and the launch countdown will be provided by PLD Space after the relevant INTA flight review.