Mon. Dec 11th, 2023
The Biden Administration Maintains Relationship with SpaceX and Starlink

The Biden administration has stated that it will continue its relationship with Elon Musk’s SpaceX and Starlink companies, despite condemning the CEO for sharing antisemitic content on social media. The National Security Council (NSC) spokesperson, John Kirby, emphasized the importance of private sector innovation and the potential benefits it brings to the country.

Although the administration expresses concerns over Musk’s rhetoric, it does not plan to address these concerns by altering its contracts with his companies. Kirby made it clear that the technological potential of the contracts does not excuse or endorse antisemitic remarks.

Last week, Musk reposted an antisemitic post on social media that propagated hateful views towards Jewish people. The White House swiftly condemned the remarks, affirming that such promotion of hate contradicts American values.

The consequences of Musk’s actions extended beyond political condemnation. Companies such as Disney, Apple, and Comcast pulled their advertising spending in response to Musk’s post.

Notwithstanding the controversy, the Pentagon has commissioned SpaceX’s Starlink technology to provide internet coverage to Ukraine during its defense against the ongoing Russian invasion. Furthermore, SpaceX has secured a government contract to develop Starshield, a military version of Starlink.

Meanwhile, SpaceX obtained federal permission for a test launch of its Starship rocket in Texas. Unfortunately, the launch ended prematurely when the rocket self-destructed.

Although the Biden administration maintains its professional relationship with Musk, President Joe Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris, and First Lady Jill Biden have recently announced the creation of their profiles on Threads, a Twitter-like platform developed by Meta. It is important to note that the development of these profiles had been underway for weeks prior to the controversy surrounding Musk’s social media activity.