Fri. Sep 29th, 2023
North Korea’s Potential Gains from a Deal with Russia

North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un is currently visiting Russia, where he has toured military facilities and expressed support for Russia’s actions against Ukraine. It is believed that one of the reasons behind Russia’s warm welcome is its need for ammunition, which North Korea has in abundance.

According to Christopher Green, an expert on North Korean society, there are three possible gains for North Korea if a deal is struck with Russia. The first is military and space technology. North Korea has failed to successfully launch two satellites this year, suggesting that they might need assistance in this area. Launching military reconnaissance satellites would provide them with military advantages, though the exact purpose of these satellites remains unclear. Additionally, having the ability to launch satellites would grant North Korea plausible deniability.

The second potential gain is political benefits. It is possible that a deal with Russia could help legitimize North Korea’s regime and strengthen its geopolitical position. However, specific details on this aspect are not provided.

Lastly, there are economic benefits to consider. The details of any potential economic gains for North Korea from a deal with Russia are not mentioned in the article.

As for nuclear weapons, it is unlikely that North Korea would receive Russian nuclear technology. The risks involved in such a transfer, including the anger it would incur from the United States and other countries, make it an unlikely scenario. Neither China nor Russia, nor any other nuclear-armed nation, would want North Korea to become a full-fledged member of the nuclear club.

Overall, while North Korea stands to gain in terms of military and space technology, political benefits, and possibly economic advantages, the likelihood of them receiving nuclear technology from Russia seems slim.