Fri. Sep 29th, 2023
Tennessee Football Fans Experience Upgrades at Neyland Stadium

On September 9, Tennessee football fans had their eyes on Neyland Stadium as improvements made since last season’s Orange Bowl victory were on display. One notable addition was the introduction of stadium Wi-Fi, which seemed to be working smoothly without any major issues.

Although the game between Ole Miss and Tulane was held in New Orleans, Louisiana, it was being live-streamed in the student union auditorium at Tennessee. This attracted many fans who sought indoor areas before the early September kickoff.

So, how was the internet in Neyland Stadium? Well, one fan decided to leave the comfort of an air-conditioned space and live-streamed Hulu to keep up with the Green Wave and other college football scores. They even had no trouble loading a Knox News article about the stadium Wi-Fi.

According to Deputy Athletics Director Ryan Alpert, the plan is to have full stadium Wi-Fi service by the fifth home game of the season, but currently, it is limited to the lower bowl. The goal is to have around 2,300 internet access points spread throughout the stadium, averaging one access point for every 44 seats.

It is worth noting that home internet connectivity can be unreliable at times. The fan testing the Wi-Fi experienced a loss of connection just as they stepped into the upper bowl of the stadium.

Another upgrade at Neyland Stadium is the club area, which has been significantly improved since last season. Unfortunately, access to the club area on game days is limited to those willing to pay $4,600 per ticket per year.

When it comes to beverage prices at the stadium, fans were expecting to pay between $9 and $15 per drink. However, it seems that prices were mostly around $14-$15.

After several incidents of underage transactions last season, the city required stricter alcohol sales regulations. This includes mandatory ID checks by employees to ensure compliance, regardless of a person’s age.

Despite these changes, the lines for beverages were surprisingly short throughout the game, and service was quick. The fan who tested the Wi-Fi even had time to place a second order and enjoy two beers during the game.

All in all, Tennessee football fans experienced the upgrades at Neyland Stadium, with improvements in Wi-Fi connectivity and the addition of a club area. However, increased beverage prices and stricter alcohol sales regulations were also part of the game-day experience.