Wed. Sep 27th, 2023
Rocket Lab to Launch Capella Space Earth-Observation Satellite

Rocket Lab is set to launch an Earth-observation satellite for Capella Space on Tuesday. The satellite, called “Acadia,” features synthetic aperture radar (SAR) technology and will be deployed into a circular orbit approximately 395 miles above the Earth’s surface. The mission is part of a four-launch contract between Rocket Lab and Capella Space.

The Acadia satellite is equipped with advanced features that enable faster downlink speeds and higher-quality images. Capella Space’s SAR technology allows for the capture of high-resolution imagery in all weather conditions, day or night. This data will be used to provide reliable insights to customers through Capella’s automated ordering and delivery platform.

The launch, named “We Will Never Desert You,” will take place at Rocket Lab’s New Zealand site. The Electron rocket is scheduled to lift off at 2:30 a.m. EDT and will be live-streamed on If successful, the satellite will be deployed approximately 57 minutes after liftoff.

This launch follows Rocket Lab’s previous mission with Capella Space, which took place on August 23. During that mission, Rocket Lab achieved a significant milestone by reusing one of the Electron rocket’s first-stage engines. The first stage was successfully brought back to Earth for inspection and analysis, marking the eighth recovery for Rocket Lab as they work towards making the Electron’s first stage reusable.

While it is unknown if “We Will Never Desert You” will involve similar rocket-reuse efforts, Rocket Lab has not made any announcements. The company’s commitment to reusability has been demonstrated in previous launches, showing their dedication to advancing rocket technology.

This upcoming launch highlights the growing importance of Earth-observation satellites in gathering data for various applications, including mapping, weather monitoring, and environmental research. Capella Space’s Acadia satellite will contribute to the growing capabilities of SAR technology in providing high-quality imagery and valuable insights.