Wed. Sep 27th, 2023
Rocket Lab to Launch Capella Space’s Radar Earth-Observation Satellite

Rocket Lab is set to launch a radar Earth-observation satellite for California-based company Capella Space on September 19. The Electron rocket carrying Capella’s “Acadia” synthetic aperture radar (SAR) spacecraft will take off from Rocket Lab’s New Zealand site. The launch is scheduled for 2:30 a.m. EDT.

Once the Electron rocket deploys the Acadia satellite, it will enter a circular orbit approximately 395 miles above Earth. The spacecraft will utilize radar light to gather data for various customers. Capella’s satellites are capable of providing high-quality, high-resolution SAR imagery even in adverse weather conditions, offering clear images 24/7.

The next-generation Acadia satellites come with improved features such as faster downlink speeds and higher-quality images. These enhancements aim to provide fast and reliable insights that are easily accessible through Capella’s automated ordering and delivery platform.

This mission, titled “We Will Never Desert You,” is the second in a four-launch contract between Rocket Lab and Capella Space. The first launch in the series took place on August 23, marking a significant milestone for Rocket Lab as one of the Electron’s first-stage engines had been used previously.

Rocket Lab has made efforts to recover and reuse the first stage of the Electron rocket. However, it is unknown if the “We Will Never Desert You” mission will include similar reusability measures.

The launch can be watched live via Rocket Lab’s website or when the time comes.