Mon. Dec 4th, 2023
Tesla’s Cybertruck Loses Hubcap During Test Drive

Tesla’s highly anticipated Cybertruck has been spotted on the freeways of California in recent weeks, ahead of its official launch. However, during one of these test drives, an unexpected incident occurred when one of the Cybertruck’s hubcaps came loose and flew into the air on the 101 freeway near San Francisco.

A dashcam video uploaded to YouTube captured the moment the hubcap launched into the air and came crashing back down onto the fourth lane. The vehicle in front of the dashcam car had to brake sharply to avoid the hubcap but ended up driving over it. Fortunately, no major accidents were reported as a result of the incident.

Losing a hubcap can happen for various reasons, including poor attachment or design. It is unclear what exactly caused the hubcap to detach from the Cybertruck in this case. Tesla’s engineers will likely investigate the incident to ensure the issue is resolved before the vehicle’s official release.

Tesla is expected to announce a launch event for the Cybertruck in the near future, according to comments made by CEO Elon Musk. However, there have been previous instances of Musk missing deadlines, so the actual release date remains uncertain.

In July, Tesla shared a photo of the first Cybertruck produced at their Giga Texas facility, indicating that production is underway. Last month, Musk also shared a photo of himself behind the wheel of a Cybertruck, generating further excitement for its release.

As more information becomes available regarding Tesla’s rollout event for the Cybertruck, we will provide updates.