Fri. Sep 29th, 2023
Western Aerospace Launch Initiative Sending Students to National CanSat Competition

The Western Aerospace Launch Initiative (WALI) is excited to announce that they are sending a new group of students to participate in the national Can Satellite (CanSat) Competition. The WALI CanSat program is a year-long initiative run by NASA, Lockheed Martin, and the US Naval Research Laboratory, where students will design a can satellite for the national competition.

The program kicks off with a six-week onboarding program that started on September 15th. Onboarding meetings are held at WMU’s Parkview Campus in Floyd Hall every Friday, with two time options: 10-11 a.m. and 4-5 p.m. Interested individuals must attend an onboarding meeting by September 29th in order to join.

Douglas Adams, the Western Student Association Representative for WALI, believes that a passion for space and a strong work ethic are the most important qualities for students participating in the program. He emphasizes the importance of staying flexible, being willing to tackle challenges, and having enthusiasm for the project.

Adams and Larissa McKenzie, the WALI Program Manager, view the CanSat program as a stepping stone for students to work on more complex and ambitious projects. They believe that participating in WALI’s nanosatellite program provides students with valuable networking and professional development opportunities, and they anticipate that the CanSat program will offer the same benefits.

Although WALI primarily focuses on aerospace engineering and related majors, they welcome students from all disciplines to contribute their skills and passion for space. Adams highlights that even non-technical majors such as graphic designers and business students can find ways to get involved and make a meaningful contribution to the organization’s mission.

McKenzie encourages students interested in business, social media marketing, podcasting, and other fields to explore opportunities within WALI. She emphasizes that starting early and being passionate about one’s work are more important than having prior experience in aerospace.

To learn more about WALI and its various programs, visit their website. For further information about the national CanSat competition, visit their website.