Sat. Sep 30th, 2023
UScellular Selects Casa Systems’ AurusLINK for High-Speed Broadband Internet Solution

Casa Systems, a leading provider of network solutions, has announced that UScellular, one of the largest wireless carriers in the United States, has chosen its new AurusLINK Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) outdoor device for its high-speed broadband internet offering.

With a customer base of nearly five million nationwide, UScellular has seen significant growth in its Home Internet segment, which has doubled over the past 18 months and recently surpassed 100,000 customers. To accelerate this growth, UScellular has selected Casa Systems’ AurusLINK, branded as the ‘UScellular Outdoor Receiver,’ as a simple and reliable FWA device that can be easily installed by customers across urban, suburban, and rural markets.

The AurusLINK/UScellular Outdoor Receiver is a compact device, similar in size to a smartphone, that offers immediate internet service through a simple self-installation process. Leveraging Casa Systems’ expertise in fixed wireless technology, the device ensures reliable and consistent broadband speeds, addressing the common challenges faced by in-home 5G gateways, such as poor signal strength and slower speeds.

Casa Systems and UScellular are also collaborating on bringing innovative hardware and software solutions to the market to support UScellular’s growth strategies. The companies aim to continue providing reliable and high-performance 5G services to customers.

Casa Systems, Inc. delivers future-proof solutions and cutting-edge bandwidth for all access types to accelerate 5G transformation. The company’s open, cloud-native network solutions are designed to meet the unique needs of service provider networks and enable revenue-generating capabilities. With a presence in over 70 countries, Casa Systems serves more than 475 Tier 1 and regional service providers worldwide.

For more information about Casa Systems’ FWA portfolio, visit their website.