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UMD Football Takes Their Skills on the Road to Henderson, Nevada

UMD football is embarking on an exciting journey this spring as they gear up for a satellite football camp in Henderson, Nevada. The team, which boasts nine players from the state of Nevada, including four from Henderson itself, is eager to showcase their skills in a new setting.

Scheduled for April 28th, the camp is open to high school football players and promises to be a day filled with learning, practice, and friendly competitions. Led by head coach Curt Wiese, participants can expect a warm welcome followed by various activities to improve their football abilities.

The camp’s agenda includes a series of tests to assess the athleticism of the players, followed by practice sessions that encompass agility stations and position-specific training. This comprehensive approach ensures that each participant hones their skills in all crucial aspects of the game. Additionally, individual competitions will provide players with an opportunity to showcase their talent and shine among their peers.

To take part in this special event, interested individuals are required to pay a registration fee of $65. The ease of signing up is made possible through a dedicated link that can be found on the UMD football website, allowing participants to secure their spot in the camp with just a few clicks.

By taking their talents beyond their home turf, UMD football is not only showcasing their commitment to excellence but also expanding their reach to aspiring young athletes. This satellite football camp in Henderson, Nevada promises to be an unforgettable experience, fostering growth, camaraderie, and the thrill of the game. Don’t miss out on this chance to learn from the best and take your football skills to new heights.

UMD Football Satellite Camp in Henderson, Nevada: Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the UMD football satellite camp in Henderson, Nevada?
The UMD football team is hosting a satellite camp in Henderson, Nevada, providing an opportunity for high school football players to learn, practice, and compete.

2. When is the camp scheduled to take place?
The camp is scheduled for April 28th.

3. Who can participate in the camp?
The camp is open to high school football players.

4. What activities can participants expect at the camp?
Participants can expect a series of tests to assess their athleticism, followed by practice sessions that include agility stations and position-specific training. There will also be individual competitions to showcase talents.

5. How can interested individuals sign up for the camp?
To sign up for the camp, interested individuals need to pay a registration fee of $65. They can find the dedicated registration link on the UMD football website.

6. Who will be leading the camp?
The camp will be led by head coach Curt Wiese.

Key Terms:
– Satellite camp: A football camp organized by a college or university in a location outside their home base or main campus.

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