Mon. Dec 11th, 2023
UK Joins Atlantic Constellation Project to Monitor Climate Change and Natural Disasters

The UK has committed funding to build a new satellite as part of the Atlantic Constellation project. The project, in collaboration with Portugal and Spain, aims to develop a group of satellites to monitor the Earth and address climate change and natural disasters.

The UK Space Agency will provide £3m for the construction of a pathfinder satellite. The satellite, being developed in partnership with Open Cosmos at the Harwell Space Campus in Oxfordshire, will deliver regularly updated data on the planet. It will also aid in detecting, monitoring, and reducing the risks posed by natural disasters.

Andrew Griffith, Minister in the Department for Science, Innovation, and Technology, emphasized the importance of Earth observation in confronting global challenges such as climate change and disaster relief. He highlighted how this satellite project will support key UK industries like agriculture and energy while creating new opportunities and jobs.

The announcement of the UK’s involvement in the Atlantic Constellation project was made during the UK Space Conference in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Interestingly, earlier this year, the UK Space Agency signed an agreement with Axiom Space, a Texas-based company working on the development of the first-ever commercial space station. The agreement paves the way for future flights carrying British astronauts who would conduct scientific experiments and educational activities during their two-week stay in orbit.

The UK’s commitment to projects focused on space technology underscores its dedication to addressing important global issues and driving economic growth through innovation and collaboration.