Sat. Dec 2nd, 2023
Viasat and Bellwether Industries Collaborate on Satellite Connectivity for Oryx Aircraft

Viasat, Inc. and eVTOL startup Bellwether Industries have announced a partnership to utilize Viasat’s Velaris satellite connectivity for Bellwether’s upcoming aircraft model, Oryx. The collaboration reflects Bellwether’s commitment to maintaining an accelerated development plan.

Viasat and Bellwether are currently undergoing a two-phase test as part of the Velaris Partner Network. The program also includes plans for a test flight schedule at a commercial aerodrome. This collaboration highlights their dedication to innovation and excellence.

Viasat’s Velaris service offers secure satellite communications for commercial Urban Air Mobility vehicles, such as Bellwether’s Oryx. The lightweight multi-link terminal, weighing only 300g (0.6 lbs), allows the vehicle to connect simultaneously to the Viasat network and LTE. This enables operators to access various applications, including real-time monitoring for safe airspace integration.

Vidyut Jacob, Senior Director of Mobility and Strategy at Bellwether Industries, expressed his excitement about the collaboration, stating that they are taking steps toward the test phases for their Volar project. Phase 1 is set to launch in 2024 in collaboration with the CATUAV Test Centre in Spain.

The partnership between Viasat and Bellwether Industries signifies a commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation and development in aerospace technology. It demonstrates the shared vision and synergy between both organizations as they redefine the future of flight.

Joel Klooster, Senior Vice President of Flight Safety and Uncrewed Aviation at Viasat, stated that by aligning with partners leading the aviation industry’s reshaping and advancement, Viasat aims to contribute to the formulation of regulatory norms and connectivity prerequisites that will guide the industry’s future trajectory.