Sat. Dec 2nd, 2023
Viasat and Bellwether Partner to Revolutionize Aerospace Connectivity

Viasat, a global leader in satellite communications, has joined forces with UK-based eVTOL startup Bellwether Industries to integrate Viasat’s Velaris satellite connectivity into Bellwether’s upcoming aircraft model, the Oryx. The partnership aims to advance innovation and development in the aviation industry.

The Velaris service, designed to provide secure satellite communications for Urban Air Mobility vehicles, will allow Bellwether’s Oryx to seamlessly integrate with aircraft in commercial airspace. The lightweight multi-link terminal installed on the vehicle will connect to the Viasat network and LTE, opening up a wide range of real-time monitoring applications and ensuring safe airspace integration.

This collaboration signifies a commitment to pushing the boundaries of aerospace technology and redefining the future of flight. By joining forces with Bellwether Industries, Viasat aims to not only drive technological innovation but also influence the development of regulatory norms and connectivity requirements within the aviation industry.

In line with their shared vision, Viasat and Bellwether are embarking on a two-phase testing process as part of Viasat’s Velaris Partner Network. This process will culminate in a test flight schedule at a commercial aerodrome, further solidifying the partnership’s dedication to innovation and excellence.

Bellwether Industries is actively preparing for the upcoming test phases of their Volar project. Phase 1 is scheduled for launch in 2024, in collaboration with the CATUAV Test Centre (BCN Drone Center) in Spain. This meticulous process, carried out in close partnership with Viasat, will contribute to the continued advancement of the aviation industry.

The collaboration between Viasat and Bellwether Industries stands as a testament to their shared commitment to transforming the aerospace landscape. With their pioneering efforts, they are set to shape the future of flight and revolutionize connectivity in the industry.