Tue. Sep 26th, 2023
US NGO Launches Internet Initiative for Iranians Amidst Access Denial

US NGO United Against Iranian Nuclear (UANI) has recently announced Project Constellation, an initiative aimed at providing internet services to Iranians who are currently denied access by the state. This move comes as a significant development for the Iranian people, as it offers an exemption to US sanctions through General License D-2, specifically for “discrete internet services”.

Project Constellation is supported by the Starlink satellite project, which highlights that the US government is taking action to promote the free flow of information to and from the Iranian people. The approval of this license is seen as crucial in enabling Iranians to stay connected, especially considering the continuous efforts of the Islamic Republic to censor and shut down internet access, particularly during potential protests.

Due to mass shutdowns imposed by the government, millions of Iranians have been left without internet access, causing significant disruptions to work and access to essential services. Recognizing the importance of restoring connectivity, Starlink receivers were secretly smuggled into Iran last year as a precautionary measure in case of a complete blackout. SpaceX, led by Elon Musk, operates Starlink, which uses a global network of low-orbit satellites to bypass traditional internet infrastructure. This technology has previously been successful in restoring internet connectivity in Ukraine following the Russian invasion.

In addition to providing internet services, Project Constellation will also offer a fundraising platform for those who wish to support the Iranian people. Donations can be made to send Starlink satellite internet terminals to Iran, ensuring continuous access to the online world. UANI aims for a high success rate in smuggling these satellite systems into Iran with the support of confidential partners.

Overall, the launch of Project Constellation by UANI aims to address the internet access denial faced by Iranians by providing discrete internet services through the use of Starlink satellite technology. This initiative not only offers connectivity but also serves as a platform for supporting the Iranian people in their pursuit of online access and freedom of information.