Tue. Oct 3rd, 2023
Sri Lanka and France Sign Agreement to Monitor Oil Spills

For the first time, Sri Lanka Marine Environmental Protection Authority has signed an agreement with France’s Collected Localization Satellites (CLS) to monitor oil spills caused by ships traveling in Sri Lankan waters using satellite technology. The agreement is valid for one year and has a total value of 601,810 Euros.

Under this agreement, prompt response to oil spills by ships will be provided, and law enforcement measures will also be taken. Sri Lanka’s Minister of Urban Development and Housing, Prasanna Ranatunge, highlighted the importance of this surveillance system due to the high volume of maritime traffic on the country’s coastal waters. He stated that around 300-350 ships travel on the southern coast of Sri Lanka daily, necessitating the need for a system to monitor potential environmental hazards.

In addition to monitoring oil spills, experts from CLS will provide valuable insights to Marine Environmental Protection Authority officers on how to detect and take legal action against future oil spills. They will also be trained in early detection techniques to minimize risks to the environment and take necessary precautions.

CLS, with 34 locations worldwide, specializes in monitoring and observing oil spills using satellite technology. Their expertise and experience in this field make them an ideal partner to implement this project in Sri Lanka.

This collaboration between Sri Lanka and France aims to enhance the monitoring and response capabilities for oil spills in Sri Lankan waters. By utilizing satellite technology, it will enable swift action and minimize potential environmental damage caused by ship-based oil spills.