Fri. Sep 29th, 2023
New Adventure Seeker’s Watch Offers Personal Locator Beacon

For those seeking adventure in remote locations, the Breitling Emergency watch has been a go-to piece of equipment since its release in 1995. It was the first watch with a built-in personal locator beacon (PLB). When in a dangerous situation, the wearer can unscrew the dedicated crown, extend the antenna, and activate the beacon to send a distress signal. The Breitling Emergency has been credited with saving lives.

However, these watches can be expensive unless issued by a military unit. The current version of the titanium Emergency watch starts at $15,725. As technology advances, personal locating devices are becoming more affordable. Some smartwatches offer similar functionality, but they require pairing with another device for satellite communication.

A new option for adventure seekers is the O-Boy Satellite Rescue Watch. Inspired by the founder’s own experience of being stranded at sea, the O-Boy features a patented omnidirectional transmitter antenna activated by a red button on the side of the case. It can send three different types of signals: GetMe (sends GPS coordinates to up to four contacts), RescueMe (sends an SOS signal to a rescue team), and TrackMe (sends GPS location at preset intervals).

The O-Boy watch has a tiered subscription service for its various features, allowing users to customize their plans according to their needs. The watch is durable and has a rechargeable battery that lasts up to seven days. The standout feature of the O-Boy is its price point, starting at $399. This makes it more accessible for adventurers who want a personal locator beacon without the high cost.

The O-Boy watch has the potential to make a difference in emergency situations, providing an easily carried device for those who find themselves in dangerous scenarios. This kind of technology could have been beneficial in cases like that of Julian Sands, a British actor who went missing on Mount Baldy, California, earlier this year. With an affordable personal locator beacon, his story may have had a different outcome.