Sun. Dec 3rd, 2023
25 Women Entrepreneurs Connect with Investors at Women’s Entrepreneurship Satellite EXPO 2023

For the first time, 25 women entrepreneurs from Bosnia and Herzegovina had the opportunity to connect with 10 investors from both the country and the Western Balkans at the Women’s Entrepreneurship Satellite EXPO 2023. The event, organized by UN Women in Bosnia and Herzegovina in collaboration with Foundation 787, aimed to empower and support women entrepreneurs while advancing gender equality in society.

Jelena Tripkovic, the founder of Future 3D Studio, expressed her enthusiasm for the event, stating that it exceeded her expectations. She highlighted the mutual support among women entrepreneurs and the empowering atmosphere present at the event. Ms. Tripkovic emphasized how the positive business environment further motivates and empowers her in her work.

UN Women Representative in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Jo-Anne Bishop, stated that the goal of the event was to empower women entrepreneurs and encourage them to seek feedback and explore new possibilities. The event aimed to bridge different perspectives, think regionally, and advance gender equality.

The Women’s Entrepreneurship Satellite EXPO 2023 in Bosnia and Herzegovina took place on October 20 in Tarcin. The event featured a round table discussion on the Business Angels Summit, which aimed to enhance the local business and startup scene through financial investments and active participation. The summit brought together individual investors from Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Western Balkans.

The event included workshops on early-stage investing, goal setting, and challenging transformation. These workshops were led by experts in the field and aimed to share best practices vital to women’s entrepreneurship in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the broader region. Networking and MeetUp sessions facilitated discussions on bridging perspectives and creating opportunities.

Ivana Kuresevic, Founder of Ivy Q Studio, expressed the invaluable experience of meeting with angel investors, stating that their advice and insights were invaluable for the further development of her business. She emphasized that the event provided not only business opportunities but also a platform for learning, networking, and inspiration.

The Women’s Entrepreneurship EXPO, launched in 2021, is a partnership platform aimed at promoting women’s entrepreneurship ecosystem building in the Europe and Central Asia region. It provides a space for women entrepreneurs, investors, and private sector representatives to network, collaborate, learn, and develop their businesses. EXPO 2023 is organized by UN Women in partnership with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and Yıldız Holding, supported by Mary Kay.