Sat. Dec 2nd, 2023
Orange Launches Satellite-Based Connectivity Service

Orange has expanded its connectivity services with the introduction of a home satellite service in mainland France. This service is targeted towards consumers who are unable to access fibre and those who have low-speed ADSL connections. This move by Orange is one of the first instances of a telecom company venturing into the satellite space. Kester Mann, Director of Consumer and Connectivity at CCS Insight, stated that this service could be transformative for individuals and businesses in areas with poor connectivity. However, he believes that in a mature market like France, where fiber deployment is already widespread, the satellite service may remain niche.

US Government Proposes National Spectrum Strategy

The US government has revealed the National Spectrum Strategy and a presidential memorandum aimed at conducting in-depth studies over a two-year period for the potential repurposing of 2,786MHz of spectrum across five different bands. This strategic move by President Joe Biden’s administration aims to adapt and improve the country’s spectrum policy. The review could potentially free up resources, leading to advancements in 5G, precision agriculture, unmanned vehicles, and moon missions. Mobile operator AT&T expressed its encouragement, stating that it appreciates the government’s recognition of the spectrum needs of mobile operators.

Vodafone and Accenture Partner to Create Shared Services Unit

Vodafone Group has strengthened its strategic partnership with Accenture to establish a new joint entity focused on shared services. Accenture will invest $150 million to acquire a minority stake in this venture. Vodafone will collaborate with Accenture to expand its existing Vodafone Intelligent Solutions (VOIS) shared services unit and create a commercially-driven organization. This partnership aligns with Vodafone’s strategy shift under the new CEO, Margherita Della Valle. The shared services unit will leverage VOIS’ presence in areas such as cloud, cybersecurity, and data analytics, while benefiting from Accenture’s expertise in AI.