Mon. Dec 4th, 2023
Thailand’s Earth Observation Satellite, THEOS-2, to Launch Into Space

Thailand’s Earth observation satellite, THEOS-2, is set to be launched into space on October 7, 2023. This satellite, known for its high-resolution capabilities, is the first of its kind for Thailand. Operated by the Geo-Informatics and Space Technology Development Agency (GISTDA), THEOS-2 can capture images with a level of detail down to 50 centimeters and transmit data back to the ground station at a rate of no less than 74,000 square kilometers per day.

The data obtained from THEOS-2 will be used to update information across all areas of Thailand, with applications in agriculture, water management, disaster management, urban planning, and natural resource management. It will contribute to the development of Thailand’s space technology infrastructure, especially in human resources and space industry development. GISTDA will provide opportunities for the public sector, private sector, and educational institutions to access the data for further development or commercial services, promoting the country’s economy and driving education, research, and innovation in spatial data and space technology.

The launch of THEOS-2 is an important milestone for Thailand’s future development using advanced technology. It signifies a leap forward in the country’s growth and invites all Thai citizens to support the GISTDA team and Thailand in this endeavor. Once launched, it will take approximately 5-7 days to adjust itself to its actual orbit, followed by a testing period of approximately 6 months before becoming operational.

THEOS-2 will play a crucial role in enhancing Thailand’s capabilities in space technology and geospatial information. It will be used for mapping, agriculture and food management, integrated water management, natural disaster management, urban planning and land and border management, as well as natural resource and environmental management. This satellite will contribute to the country’s economic stability, improved living standards, public safety, and quality of life.

The launch of THEOS-2 is a practical mission for Thailand’s future, addressing ongoing economic challenges and fostering sustainable development in various dimensions.