Sat. Dec 2nd, 2023
Telesat and Aalyria Announce Partnership for Next-Generation Satellite Networking Technology

Telesat and Aalyria have entered into an agreement to deploy Aalyria’s Spacetime next-generation networking technology for the Telesat Lightspeed Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite constellation. The partnership aims to optimize the flow of customer traffic and improve network efficiency.

The Telesat Lightspeed satellites will incorporate state-of-the-art technologies such as digital beamforming, onboard data processing, and optical links between satellites. These advancements will result in better link performance, increased network efficiency, and enhanced flexibility to deliver reliable capacity to customers.

To ensure seamless integration and optimal performance of the Telesat Lightspeed network, Telesat will leverage Aalyria’s expertise in all-domain orchestration and management. Aalyria’s Spacetime platform will analyze millions of possible paths in real-time to find the most robust and reliable routing of customer data between any two points on Earth. It will also autonomously evolve antenna link scheduling, dynamically route network traffic, and manage spectrum resources based on changing network requirements.

Spacetime utilizes machine learning and artificial intelligence to create a digital twin of Earth and space, thus overcoming the challenges posed by movement, atmosphere, and weather. This innovative approach will enable Telesat to connect its satellites in space with networks worldwide in a more flexible and efficient manner than ever before.

Dave Wendling, Telesat’s Chief Technical Officer, expressed confidence in Aalyria’s Spacetime orchestration capabilities, stating that they are key in achieving low latency, high availability, and resiliency for Telesat’s LEO services. Wendling also noted that Aalyria’s expertise aligns perfectly with Telesat’s vision for the Lightspeed network.

Aalyria CEO, Chris Taylor, expressed excitement about the partnership, emphasizing that Aalyria’s Spacetime will play a crucial role in orchestrating and managing the network. Taylor believes that this collaboration will contribute to the success of Telesat Lightspeed, a constellation that aims to redefine global satellite communication possibilities.