Tue. Sep 26th, 2023
Filtronic Developing Technology for High-Speed Satellite Connectivity

British electronics specialist Filtronic is developing advanced technology that will enable next-generation satellite constellations to deliver high-speed broadband internet coverage. Backed by the European Space Agency (ESA) and the UK Space Agency, Filtronic is working on spacefaring hardware that aims to provide fast, high-capacity links between low Earth orbiting communications satellites and ground stations.

The contract with ESA is part of the agency’s efforts to advance the digital transformation of society and industry through 5G technology. Low Earth orbit constellations play a crucial role in the development of 5G and 6G converged networks, enhancing communications infrastructure and ensuring continuous, instant, and ubiquitous connectivity. Telecommunications satellites use radio waves to send and receive data, with different parts of the radio spectrum offering varying capabilities in terms of speed and data volumes.

Filtronic’s technology operates over extremely high frequency bands, also known as millimeter waves, which provide wide bandwidths, high data rates, and low latencies over localized areas. As the digital transformation continues, the adoption of this frequency range is gaining momentum due to its ability to enable key applications such as autonomous transport, the internet of things, and industrial automation. Filtronic has a strong track record in the development of millimeter wave products for terrestrial communications.

By collaborating with Filtronic, the contract with ESA is expected to create several commercial opportunities in the space industry, including more efficient production and the development of spin-off technologies. This partnership falls under ESA’s Advanced Research in Telecommunications Systems program, which promotes commercial innovation to boost European leadership in the global satcom marketplace.

Filtronic’s products aim to address major challenges in telecoms, such as bandwidth requirements for emerging technologies. This contract allows the company to adapt its existing products for the specific requirements of the low Earth orbit market. Filtronic’s in-house design and manufacturing capability makes them uniquely positioned to deliver this project. The partnership with ESA establishes their leading position in this exciting and growing sector.