Tue. Oct 3rd, 2023
Successful Entry Into Service of EUTELSAT HOTBIRD 13F and HOTBIRD 13G Satellites

Eutelsat Communications has announced that its two high-power HOTBIRD 13F and HOTBIRD 13G satellites have entered into full commercial service. Located at Eutelsat’s 13° East flagship video neighbourhood, the satellites are reinforcing and enhancing the broadcast quality of around nine hundred television channels into more than 160 million homes across Europe, Northern Africa, and the Middle East.

The HOTBIRD video neighbourhood is host to 7 premium TV platforms, over 600 pay-TV channels, 300 free-to-air channels, and 500 HDTV and UHD channels. With its unique pan-European coverage, in Europe alone HOTBIRD reaches 130 million homes. The satellites also distribute TV channels to 90% of cable and IPTV operators in the Europe and MENA region, making 13° East the leading DTH, cable, IP, and DTT provider across the region.

The HOTBIRD 13F and HOTBIRD 13G satellites provide advanced features to 13° East, including in-orbit redundancy ability and uplink signal protection and resilience. These new state-of-the-art satellites are based on the new generation Eurostar Neo telecommunications satellite platform, developed under an ESA partnership project with Airbus designed to foster innovation and competitiveness in the European space industry.

In addition to their role in enhancing the broadcast quality and coverage of television channels, HOTBIRD 13G also hosts the EGNOS GEO-4 payload. This enables the EUSPA to deliver reliable and secure space-based services.

With the entry into service of HOTBIRD 13F and HOTBIRD 13G, the three satellites previously located at 13° East are now available to carry out new missions. This successful entry into service ensures the continuity and strengthens the position of the 13° East video neighbourhood.