Sat. Dec 2nd, 2023
Starlink Bug Flags Legitimate Accounts as Fraudulent, Locks Users Out

Last week, a bug in Starlink’s system falsely flagged legitimate accounts as fraudulent, locking users out of their accounts. The bug was caused by overzealous fraud detection. Affected users received an email from Starlink titled “False Positive Fraud Account Correction,” but not all users have been able to regain access to their accounts yet.

Starlink, owned by SpaceX, acknowledged the issue and assured users that they are working to fix the problem. They apologized for the account modifications made in the past week and asked users to give them until the end of the week to revert any changes before filing a support ticket. If users are still facing issues with their accounts next week, they can contact Starlink’s customer support through their account.

The bug mainly affected new users who had ordered Starlink service but had not set up their dishes yet. This made it difficult for them to start using the Internet service. The limited customer support options offered by Starlink further exacerbated the issue. The account recovery page, which allows users to request password resets, did not work in this case.

Users reported that they were unable to submit support tickets as they were locked out of their accounts. Starlink lacks a support phone number, and users had mixed results when contacting them through the customer support email address.

Some users also experienced a loss of Internet service due to the bug. While most users who had set up their service before the bug did not face disruptions, one Reddit user reported a complete outage coinciding with receiving the “False Positive Fraud Account Correction” email. Other users also mentioned service interruptions and their inability to log in.

Affected users had to try various methods of contacting Starlink in order to regain access to their accounts. Filling out an account recovery form on the website did not help in most cases. Some users found success by having another Starlink user submit a support ticket on their behalf, while others were able to get a response by emailing the designated support address.

Starlink is actively working to resolve the issue and restore access to all affected users’ accounts.