Sat. Dec 2nd, 2023
SpaceX Reduces Price of Starlink Internet Service in Spain

SpaceX has decided to lower the price of Starlink, its satellite internet service, in Spain. This is the third price reduction in less than a year, making it an attractive option for consumers.

The standard monthly price for Starlink is now 40 euros, with an additional 9 euros for regulatory fees, resulting in a total monthly cost of 49 euros. This reduction aims to compete with the Spanish government’s offering of 100 Mbps satellite connection through Hispasat for 35 euros per month.

In order to subscribe to Starlink, customers will need to pay 450 euros for the necessary equipment (plus 23 euros for shipping and handling), which includes the router and antenna. They will also need to pay the monthly fee of 49 euros for unlimited high-speed internet with low latency via satellite.

This price reduction of 25 euros makes Starlink a more competitive alternative compared to offerings from the government and other providers like Movistar. Despite the slightly higher monthly fee, Starlink offers faster connection speeds and lower latency.

To take advantage of this reduced price, interested customers can visit the Starlink website in Spain. The new prices reflect the recent reduction in fees, making it an attractive time to subscribe to Starlink’s satellite internet service.

With these continuous price reductions, SpaceX aims to maintain Starlink as a compelling choice for consumers in the increasingly competitive market of satellite internet services.