Tue. Sep 26th, 2023
Starlink Internet Canada Coverage: Reliable Satellite Internet for Canadians

Starlink Internet Canada coverage is expanding as part of Starlink’s global coverage plans. It offers an alternative for individuals and families in Canada who are looking for reliable satellite internet options. With advertised speeds of 150 Mbps for downloads, 30 Mbps for uploads, and 20-40 ms latency, Starlink provides a reliable internet experience. The service costs CAD 189 ($140) per month.

Starlink launched a beta program in April 2020, initially covering limited areas between 43 and 53 degrees latitude. This program served around 10,000 residents in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, British Columbia, and Ontario. Since then, it has expanded to include larger areas such as Toronto and Vancouver. Currently, Starlink Internet has 1.5 million subscribers across Canada.

However, there are still some areas in Canada where Starlink is not available. This is mainly because Starlink is still a work in progress and is continuously launching more satellites into space. By the last quarter of 2023, these areas are expected to have coverage. Additionally, the weather can affect Starlink’s performance, especially in areas with heavy rain, snow, or strong winds.

The cost of Starlink Internet in Canada is in line with prices in the US and globally. The monthly price is CAD 189 ($140) excluding equipment costs. Starlink offers different kits for residential, business, and RV use, with prices ranging from $600 to $3,170. In areas where Starlink is unavailable, customers can join a waitlist called “Better Than Nothing” by paying a $140 deposit.

Compared to fiber internet providers in Canada, Starlink lags behind in terms of speed but offers coverage to a larger area. Fiber ISPs like Bell, Telus, Rogers, and Shaw offer speeds up to 8 Gbps in certain regions. Starlink’s speeds range from 100-150 Mbps for downloads and 10-30 Mbps for uploads. Starlink also competes with other satellite ISPs in Canada like HughesNet and Xplornet.

To order Starlink in Canada, customers can check their address on the Starlink website to see if they are in a covered area. If eligible, they can create an account, select a plan, and place an order. The kit includes the Starlink 2nd generation square dishy, router, mount, and cables. Additional mounts may be needed depending on the location.

Starlink Internet can be used while traveling in Canada through the Starlink RV or Portability options. However, coverage availability may limit travel locations. Starlink has ground stations in Canada, ensuring fast speeds while traveling in areas where satellites can communicate with these stations. The Starlink ROAM option allows for travel between the US and Canada, but at a higher cost and lower speeds.

Overall, Starlink Internet Canada coverage offers a reliable satellite internet option for Canadians, especially in rural areas where other services may not reach. While it may not match the speeds of fiber ISPs, its widespread coverage makes it an attractive choice for many Canadians.