Mon. Dec 11th, 2023
Initiatives to Create Jobs and Expand Internet Access in Nigeria

The Minister of Communications, Innovation, and Digital Economy, Dr. Bosun Tijani, has revealed that initiatives like a certified installer/maintenance program for Starlink and collaborating with hardware startups locally can create thousands of jobs in Nigeria.

During a meeting with Ryan Goodnight, Senior Director of Global Licensing and Activation at SpaceX, at the International Telecommunication Union-World Radio Communication Conference in Dubai, Tijani discussed the connectivity challenges faced by unserved and underserved Nigerians. He also emphasized the potential for job creation through partnerships with Starlink and local hardware startups.

Tijani mentioned on social media that Nigeria has become Starlink’s largest market in Africa. The Nigerian Communications Commission reported that since its official launch in Nigeria in January 2023, Starlink now has 6,756 wireless internet subscribers. Nigeria is Starlink’s first operational country in Africa and 47th globally.

The government aims to encourage tech companies to invest in Nigeria and strengthen the country’s technology ecosystem. By establishing a certified installer/maintenance program for Starlink, individuals can be trained and employed to install and maintain the internet service in Nigeria. Additionally, collaborating with local hardware startups to produce repeater boxes locally can create further job opportunities.

Overall, these initiatives not only address the issue of connectivity but also contribute to job creation and economic growth in Nigeria’s technology sector.

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