Sat. Dec 2nd, 2023
Starlink Internet Service Now Available at a Discounted Price in Italy

Starlink, Elon Musk’s satellite internet service, is now available at a reduced price in Italy. While the initial cost of entering the Starlink network remains high in absolute terms, the current offer makes the service more accessible. The usual price for the Starlink kit is 450 euros, but for a limited time, customers in Italy can purchase it for 299 euros.

In terms of connectivity, there are different monthly plans available based on individual needs. For household use, the Standard plan costs 50 euros per month and provides unlimited satellite internet access. The Priority plan, starting at 93 euros per month for 40 GB, is recommended for businesses or demanding users, along with the Flat High Performance kit priced at 2,355 euros.

The same choice between the Standard or Priority plans, with different recommended kits based on features and costs, is also available for the Mobile plan. This plan is ideal for motorhomes, campers, and digital nomads. Customers with lower priority requirements or those who do not use the service professionally can purchase the base kit for 299 euros, with a monthly cost of 100 euros. If users have an extensive range of travel and intend to take Starlink with them anywhere in the world, the monthly cost is 240 euros. Unlike the Standard residential plan, the Mobile plan can be suspended.

Starlink does not disclose how long the discounted offer will be available. However, the installation process is straightforward, as the kit comes with everything needed to start browsing within minutes. Users simply need to connect the device to a power source and point it towards the sky, assisted by the Starlink app available on Android and iOS. The automatic orientation mechanism will then find the best inclination to receive internet from the satellites with optimal performance.

The kit includes a weatherproof IP54-rated dish with a heated base to melt ice or snow, a Wi-Fi 5 router with a maximum coverage of 185 m2 (certified IP54 for both indoor and outdoor use), a Starlink cable over 15 meters long, and a 1.8-meter AC power cable.