Sat. Dec 2nd, 2023
Spire Global Announces Constellation Management Platform

Spire Global has introduced their Constellation Management Platform, a web-based application designed to simplify satellite constellation operations. The platform, which was co-funded by the European Space Agency (ESA) under the ARTES Core Competitiveness programme, aims to streamline satellite operations through its user-friendly interface.

With €1.5 million in funding from ESA and support from the Luxembourg Space Agency (LSA), Spire Global utilized Amazon Web Services to develop the platform. Through this platform, Spire Space Services offers customers an end-to-end solution for building, launching, and operating their own satellite constellation, all for a monthly fee.

Users of the platform will have direct access to their satellites, allowing them to manage every aspect of their payload, data, fleet health, and mission planning. The platform also provides simplified access to Spire’s ground operations software, enabling satellite operators to track, schedule, command, downlink data, and monitor telemetry using a global ground station network.

According to Frank Frulio, general manager of Space Services at Spire, satellite operations require continuous communication throughout the lifetime of the satellite. The Constellation Management Platform aims to simplify this process, making satellite operations more accessible to a wider range of users. With this platform, businesses can leverage insights from space to gain a competitive edge in various industries, such as climate change risk assessment for insurance companies and real-time data for remote forestry management for utilities companies.

The Constellation Management Platform is available to customers who are building, launching, and operating satellites with Space Services. It is also accessible to those looking to streamline and optimize the operations of existing satellite constellations.