Fri. Dec 8th, 2023
Comtech Wins $20 Million Order for Troposcatter Systems

Comtech, a leading telecommunications company, has secured a $20 million order from Spectra Group, a UK-based distributor, to provide next-generation troposcatter systems for NATO and European customers. The award specifically focuses on Comtech’s Comet, a compact over-the-horizon transportable terminal designed for beyond-line-of-sight (BLOS) communications.

Spectra Group, a regional distributor of Comtech’s Comet terminal in Europe, has already received an $8 million order from the UK Ministry of Defence to equip the British Army’s 3rd (UK) Division with Comtech’s Comet systems. This additional order further demonstrates the trust and confidence that customers have in Comtech’s technology.

The Comet Troposcatter system offers low latency and high throughput BLOS communications that are essential in challenging environments. This solution is particularly valuable in satellite-denied areas where conventional satellite communications may not be feasible. It provides a reliable and secure communication option against sophisticated adversaries with high electronic warfare capabilities.

By partnering with Spectra Group, Comtech is able to extend its reach and provide its advanced communication systems to a wider customer base. Spectra Group is poised to receive more orders from key NATO and European customers who recognize the value of Comtech’s Comet systems.

The $20 million order not only reinforces Comtech’s position as a world leader in troposcatter technology but also highlights the growing demand for reliable and resilient communication solutions in military and defense operations. Comtech’s ongoing commitment to innovation and providing top-notch communication capabilities ensures that its customers can overcome communication challenges in even the most austere environments.