Sat. Dec 2nd, 2023
SpaceX’s Starlink Expected to Go Public in 2027, Says Billionaire Investor Ron Baron

Billionaire investor Ron Baron predicts that SpaceX’s satellite internet venture, Starlink, will go public around 2027. He believes that SpaceX, currently valued at $150 billion, could be worth $250 to $300 billion by the time it goes public.

Starlink, which has the majority of satellites in orbit around Earth, has not achieved its target of gaining 20 million users. Despite launching its first prototypes in 2018, the company only reached about 2 million users. It also did not achieve positive cash flow until November 2021.

Elon Musk has expressed interest in taking Starlink public for years, but the plans have been consistently delayed. In 2019, he mentioned that Starlink would undergo an initial public offering in around three years. However, last year, he pushed the timeline back to “2025 or so.”

Nevertheless, Baron retains his confidence in Musk and his companies. Around 14% of Baron Capital’s investments are in Tesla and SpaceX, which Baron believes will be the fastest-growing companies to go public in recent times.

Baron also stated that SpaceX’s decision to take Starlink public would provide an opportunity for early-stage investors to exit their investments. However, he personally has no plans to exit his investments in SpaceX, expressing his long-term commitment to the company.

As of now, SpaceX has not provided any comment regarding its plans for Starlink’s public offering.