Mon. Dec 4th, 2023
SpaceX Removes Waitlist for Starlink in the US

SpaceX has eliminated the waitlist for Starlink in the US, allowing interested customers to subscribe to the satellite internet system without delays. The company attributes this achievement to the improved capacity provided by the newest generation of Starlink satellites, which have four times more capacity than the previous generation. As a result, Starlink is now available throughout the United States.

Access to SpaceX’s satellite internet system was previously limited in certain parts of the US due to high demand. Customers interested in the residential Starlink tier had to wait for weeks or even months for access, while existing subscribers experienced network congestion issues that affected internet speeds.

To address these challenges, SpaceX has been steadily expanding the capacity of Starlink by launching hundreds of additional satellites. This expansion has gradually reduced access restrictions across the US. Recently, the last remaining holdouts for the waitlist, mainly in the southeastern US, were lifted after SpaceX launched another batch of 22 Starlink satellites into orbit. Currently, there are 4,845 Starlink satellites in total circling the planet, according to astronomer Jonathan McDowell.

However, although the waitlist has been removed, some subscribers and even Starlink itself continue to report slower-than-expected speeds. The good news is that SpaceX’s second-generation satellites not only offer increased capacity but also promise to deliver faster internet to users. Additionally, SpaceX is preparing to sell next-generation dish hardware, which could further enhance performance.

With the removal of the waitlist and ongoing efforts to improve capacity and speed, SpaceX aims to provide reliable and accessible satellite internet to customers across the US.