Fri. Sep 29th, 2023
SpaceX Could Exceed Satellite Goals with Starship, Says Analyst

An analyst from Ark Investment Management predicts that SpaceX could surpass its satellite goals if its Starship is launched every other day. Sam Korus estimates that Starship has the potential to launch 900,000 kgs into orbit annually. With this frequency, SpaceX could have around 73,000 satellites in orbit, well above its initial target of 42,000 satellites. Korus factors in the need for satellite replenishment as they typically last about 5 years in low-earth orbit.

Korus believes that SpaceX may increase the number of satellites in orbit to meet the demands of both consumers and the government. Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX, recently mentioned that Starship is prepared for launch and is awaiting FAA license approval for its second flight test. In an interview, Musk gave a 60% probability for the next flight to reach orbit, dependent on the success of stage separation.

To ensure a successful flight, SpaceX has made various changes to both the Starship and the launch pad to minimize damage during launch. The company’s focus on expanding its satellite capabilities aligns with its long-term goals in the space industry.

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