Thu. Dec 7th, 2023
Optical Lens Needs for Space Operations

The demand for new and improved satellite data relay systems incorporating high-performance optics is rapidly increasing due to the growing international demand for data, telecom, and satellite communication operators. According to the Managing Director of Resolve Optics, Mark Pontin, delivering massive data quantities without significant delays is a challenge faced by these operators.

The Earth orbit in which satellite data relay systems operate determines the radiation tolerance that the optics need to withstand during their operations. Resolve Optics provides radiation-resistant optics made with cerium oxide doped glass or synthetic silica. These optics can endure radiation doses of up to 100,000,000 rads and temperatures up to 55°C without discoloration or degradation of performance. They offer high resolution images and minimal geometric distortion within the range of 400 to 750 nm.

When designing for use in space, cosmic radiation’s impact on a lens or optical system is a major consideration. Standard optical glass types turn brown or gray when exposed to radiation, significantly reducing light transmission and affecting the lens’s performance. Resolve Optics recommends using specialist radiation-tolerant, cerium-doped glass for longer missions to maintain optimal performance.

In addition to radiation tolerance, optical systems used in satellite data relay systems must meet other basic requirements to survive the harsh space environment. These optics must be constructed with materials that do not outgas when exposed to the vacuum of space, and air spaces within the optics should be vented to avoid pressure and distortion.

Resolve Optics, with nearly 30 years of experience, specializes in designing and manufacturing high-performance precision lenses and optical products. The company has gained a strong reputation for delivering smaller production quantities on time, meeting strict quality standards, and adhering to target price guidelines. Their expertise in designing and supplying radiation-resistant optical systems for space projects is widely recognized.