Sun. Dec 3rd, 2023
Sirona Medical Supports SpaceX’s Starlink for Radiologists

Sirona Medical, a developer of cloud-native radiology workflow software, is emphasizing its support for SpaceX’s Starlink platform. This support enables radiologists to practice remotely from various locations worldwide.

Using Starlink, Sirona reports an average time to first image of 2.3 seconds, with speech-to-text latency of less than 500 ms. This technology advancement has been made possible due to the significant funding Sirona received since 2018, amounting to nearly $100 million. The funds were allocated to rebuilding radiology IT infrastructure for cloud-based optimization.

Furthermore, Sirona takes pride in its innovative architecture, which allows radiology practices to consolidate their separate IT systems onto a single universal reading platform. This consolidation brings together diverse IT stacks, streamlining radiology processes and increasing efficiency.

To provide more insights, Sirona plans to reveal the specific details on how this architecture was achieved during its official product launch event on November 13th.

With Sirona’s support for SpaceX’s Starlink, radiologists can now connect and practice from virtually anywhere in the world. The fast image retrieval and low latency speech-to-text feature contribute to faster and more efficient radiology workflows.

This collaboration between Sirona Medical and SpaceX’s Starlink platform demonstrates the potential of cloud-native radiology software to revolutionize the field, offering radiologists flexibility and enhanced productivity regardless of geographical limitations.