Mon. Dec 4th, 2023
Sirona Medical Announces Support for SpaceX’s Starlink Platform

Sirona Medical, a leading provider of cloud-native radiology workflow software, has announced its general support for SpaceX’s Starlink platform. This development allows Sirona to deliver its industry-leading performance from almost anywhere in the world.

One of the main challenges in the transition of radiology to the cloud has been performance, particularly in image load times for PACS. However, Sirona has successfully addressed these issues, providing a solution for radiologists across the country. Through Starlink, Sirona customers can now experience the best-in-class workflow performance from any location within the coverage of Starlink in the US, and soon, from anywhere in the world.

Sirona’s performance using Starlink Business has been impressive. The P90 Time to First Image is only 2.3 seconds, and the P90 Speech-to-Text Latency is less than 500ms. Customers have reported significant improvements in imaging load speeds, speech-to-text accuracy, and overall workflow efficiency. Sirona is revolutionizing the way radiologists practice medicine by making it easy for them to work remotely and manage system upgrades through any Chromium browser.

Since 2018, Sirona Medical has raised nearly $100 million to create a cloud-native radiology IT platform. This innovative architecture has not only increased the accessibility and value of AI for radiologists but also allowed practices to consolidate their IT systems onto a single universal reading platform. This unification alone has generated clinical efficiencies of up to 25%. Now, with the support of Starlink, Sirona is democratizing access to the tools radiologists need to provide the best possible care to their patients.

Sirona’s aim is to provide all radiologists, regardless of their location, with the necessary tools for efficient and high-quality diagnostic care. They believe that their platform will help expand care to rural communities and extend access to patients worldwide. The company will be launching its product officially on November 13th, where they will share more details about the achieved performance and the value their platform brings to radiologists and practices.

For more information, please visit Sirona’s website at Details about Starlink’s coverage and performance can be found at