Mon. Dec 4th, 2023
Sirona Announces Support for SpaceX’s Starlink Network, Enabling Global Radiology Practice

Sirona Medical, a leading provider of cloud-native radiology workflow software, has announced its general support for SpaceX’s Starlink platform. This collaboration allows Sirona customers to access their industry-leading performance from anywhere in the world.

One of the main challenges faced by radiology in transitioning to cloud technology has been performance issues, particularly image load times for PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication Systems). However, Sirona has successfully overcome these challenges, making their best-in-class workflow performance available to radiologists across the United States and soon globally through the Starlink network.

Dr. Samir Mehta, Sirona’s Head of Clinical Operations, expressed his satisfaction with the improved performance delivered by Sirona and Starlink. This collaboration has enhanced imaging load speeds, speech-to-text accuracy, and overall workflow efficiency.

Sirona Medical has been dedicated to rebuilding radiology IT systems specifically for cloud usage since 2018. The company’s cloud-native architecture not only enhances the accessibility of AI tools for radiologists but also allows practices to unify their various IT systems onto a single universal reading platform. This consolidation increases clinical efficiencies by up to 25%. Now, with support from Starlink, Sirona is expanding access to the essential tools needed for radiologists to provide high-quality diagnostic care.

By giving radiologists the ability to read efficiently from anywhere, Sirona is transforming the practice of radiology. This is especially valuable for rural communities, enabling them to provide the same level of care as their metropolitan counterparts. In the future, Sirona aims to extend this high-quality diagnostic care to underserved areas worldwide.

Sirona’s Chief Technology Officer, Dr. Mark Longo, emphasizes the significance of their unified cloud-native platform in bridging radiology’s “cloud performance” gap. The company plans to unveil more user-facing features and enhancements during their public launch event on November 13th.

To learn more about Sirona Medical’s support for Starlink and its innovative radiology solutions, visit their website. Those interested in the coverage and performance of Starlink can visit the official Starlink website for more information.