Sun. Dec 3rd, 2023
SiriusXM to Launch True Crime Channel with Audiochuck

SiriusXM has announced plans to create a dedicated channel for the true crime genre in partnership with podcast company Audiochuck. Audiochuck, founded by Ashley Flowers of Crime Junkie fame, has been monetizing its podcasts through SXM Media and will now have the opportunity to expose its content to satellite radio listeners.

The new channel, set to debut early next year, will feature content from Audiochuck’s popular series, including Crime Junkie, Anatomy of a Murder, The Deck, CounterClock, and Park Predators. The curated content will draw from the deep archive of these podcasts, providing listeners with a range of gripping true crime stories.

In addition to the curated content, Ashley Flowers will host a new series on the channel, featuring in-depth conversations with celebrities and special guests about their love for the true crime genre. Flowers was inspired to create the show after a conversation with fellow podcast host Conan O’Brien, who expressed his appreciation for true crime podcasts.

This partnership between SiriusXM and Audiochuck expands on their existing relationship, which began in 2021 with an agreement giving SiriusXM exclusivity to ad sales rights for Audiochuck’s podcasts. The true crime radio channel will not only allow SiriusXM to tap into one of the most popular content segments, particularly among female listeners, but also increase exposure for Audiochuck and podcasting as a whole.

Scott Greenstein, President and Chief Content Officer of SiriusXM, believes that the new channel will enhance the experience for Audiochuck’s loyal listeners and attract new audiences who may not be avid podcast consumers.

During a preview event, Flowers also shared that Season of Justice (SOJ), a nonprofit she launched in 2020, has distributed $7.5 million in grants to law enforcement agencies, victims, and their families to help solve cold cases.

Overall, the collaboration between SiriusXM and Audiochuck aims to provide a fresh platform for true crime enthusiasts to enjoy captivating content while simultaneously expanding the reach of the podcasting industry.