Wed. Sep 27th, 2023
Sidus Space Updates Launch Plans for LizzieSats

Sidus Space has revised its launch plans for its LizzieSats, moving two of them to a new SpaceX rideshare mission called Bandwagon. The company’s first LizzieSat, originally scheduled for the Transporter-9 mission in the fourth quarter, will now be launched on the Transporter-10 mission in the first quarter of 2024. Additionally, two LizzieSats will be part of the Bandwagon mission in the second quarter. Sidus Space aims to have a total of five LizzieSats in orbit by the end of the third quarter of 2024.

The Bandwagon missions are a new offering within SpaceX’s rideshare program, focusing on mid-inclination orbit launches. These missions will involve the use of sensors to capture a variety of data, including still images, hyperspectral and multispectral images, AIS, and wide-area-spectral imaging. By placing LizzieSats in different orbits, Sidus Space aims to generate higher revenue by expanding its payload and data customer base.

CEO Carol Craig explains that the inclusion of additional sensors and enhanced AI capabilities on their initial flight will bring added value to the company, ultimately leading to the development of new, high-margin business opportunities.

In addition to the launch plans, Sidus Space is working on regaining compliance with the Nasdaq Capital Market, as its share price currently trades below $1. The company has been granted an extension until March 11, 2024, to increase its share price. Despite this challenge, Craig remains optimistic that the ongoing efforts to build shareholder value will positively impact the share price in the near future.

These updates to the mission manifest signify Sidus Space’s commitment to refining its launch strategy and capitalizing on new opportunities within the industry.