Sun. Dec 3rd, 2023
Shanghai Plans to Provide 5G Coverage for Oceanic Operations by 2024

Shanghai’s local government has announced plans to establish 5G coverage for oceanic operations by 2024. The city aims to build an integrated network that connects all land, sea, air, and space internet infrastructure platforms, allowing for the coordination of navigation, wind power, offshore engineering, and other related industries.

5G technology will be utilized in various aspects of marine supervision, science and technology, marine economy, and intelligent shipping. Qualcomm describes 5G as a new wireless standard that will connect machines, objects, and devices in a way that surpasses current capabilities.

The advantages of 5G include increased bandwidth, low latency, and wide connectivity. These benefits are expected to enable more digital and intelligent operations in areas such as fishing, shipping, tourism, offshore photovoltaics, and offshore wind power.

Furthermore, the action plan includes the establishment of a 5G-based private network for the cruise industry. Adora Magic City, China’s first domestically built large cruise ship, has become the world’s first 5G-based cruise ship. The vessel was constructed by Shanghai Waigaoqiao Shipbuilding and equipped with a 5G network provided by China Telecom’s Shanghai branch. After completing its first sea trial in July, the ship will be homeported in Shanghai.

In addition, there are proposals for the creation of a 5G intelligent ship simulation laboratory to support frontier scientific research. With the implementation of 5G, predictive maintenance and port automation are expected to be significantly enhanced.

These initiatives demonstrate Shanghai’s commitment to harnessing the advantages of 5G technology to boost various maritime industries, promote efficiency, and drive innovation in the region. By providing oceanic coverage for 5G networks, Shanghai aims to position itself as a leader in maritime digitalization and intelligent operations.