Tue. Oct 3rd, 2023
SES and We Are IT partner to provide connectivity services via SES-9 satellite for COMELEC offices in the Philippines

SES and We Are IT (WIT) have joined forces to deliver connectivity services to 43 Commission of Elections (COMELEC) offices in the Philippines. This collaboration will utilize the SES-9 satellite to provide reliable and secure connectivity to COMELEC offices in Mindanao, the second-largest island in the country.

WIT, the largest VSAT satellite network service provider in the Philippines, brings its two decades of experience and expertise in delivering satellite-enabled connectivity to government entities, businesses, and individuals. With the support of SES-9, WIT aims to cater to the increasing connectivity demands of mission-critical government operations and digital services in remote regions of the Philippines.

The partnership between SES and WIT will enhance the communication infrastructure for COMELEC, ensuring that these offices have access to uninterrupted and secure connectivity. This connectivity is essential for the efficient functioning of COMELEC operations, particularly during election periods. By leveraging SES-9, WIT can effectively provide the necessary connectivity services to COMELEC offices in Mindanao, bridging the digital divide and enabling seamless communication.

SES-9, developed by satellite manufacturer Boeing, is equipped with advanced technologies that make it well-suited for delivering high-quality connectivity services. With its extensive coverage and capacity, SES-9 can support the requirements of WIT and COMELEC, ensuring consistent and reliable connectivity across the targeted locations.

By teaming up with WIT, SES is further strengthening its presence in the Philippines and contributing to the development of the country’s digital infrastructure. This partnership aims to bridge the connectivity gap and empower government offices and individuals in remote locations with reliable and secure connectivity services.