Sun. Dec 3rd, 2023
Aero Partners with SpaceX for In-Flight Connectivity

Aero, a semi-private U.S. airline, has announced a partnership with SpaceX to integrate Starlink’s in-flight connectivity service into its fleet. The airline, which promotes itself as “the future of first class,” operates semi-private jets with just 16 seats and caters to select routes in North America.

Aero has chosen to equip its fleet of ERJ135 aircraft with Starlink, and the service is already available on flights between Los Angeles, California; Dallas, Texas; Sun Valley, Idaho; Aspen, Colorado; and Los Cabos, Mexico. The aim is to provide an exceptional guest experience by offering fast, free, and reliable in-flight Wi-Fi on all scheduled routes.

Ben Klein, CEO of Aero, expressed excitement about the partnership, stating that equipping all ERJ-135s with Starlink demonstrates the company’s dedication to maintaining a best-in-class experience for their guests throughout their journey.

This integration with Starlink’s in-flight connectivity service will allow Aero passengers to enjoy high-speed internet during their flights, enhancing their travel experience. With reliable connectivity, passengers will have access to email, web browsing, entertainment streaming, and other online services while onboard.

By partnering with SpaceX and using Starlink, Aero aims to position itself as a technologically advanced airline that prioritizes passenger comfort and convenience. With the increasing demand for in-flight connectivity, this collaboration will enhance Aero’s competitiveness in the market.

As the partnership progresses, there may be potential for expanding the availability of Starlink’s in-flight connectivity service to more routes serviced by Aero. This association between Aero and SpaceX is an exciting development in the airline industry, showcasing the possibilities of advanced connectivity solutions for enhanced passenger experiences.