Mon. Oct 2nd, 2023
‘Learning Period’ for US Commercial Space Regulations Should be Extended – US Sen. Cruz

U.S. Senator Ted Cruz has called for an extension of the federal moratorium on commercial spaceflight safety regulations in order to promote further innovation in the space sector. Currently, there are no regulations in place regarding the safety of privately built space vehicles. Since 2004, this rapidly growing industry has been exempt from federal safety regulations, allowing for a “learning period.”

Cruz’s comments come ahead of the scheduled expiration of a long-standing ban on October 1st. He believes that extending the moratorium will provide a conducive environment for the space industry to continue flourishing and fostering innovation. By giving space companies more time, they can focus on creating and improving their technologies without the burden of immediate regulatory oversight.

In another development, the German government has blocked the complete takeover of satellite startup KLEO Connect by a Chinese firm. The economy ministry made the decision, in agreement with the cabinet, to prevent Shanghai Spacecom Satellite Technology, which already owns a 53% stake in the company, from acquiring the remaining 45% minority stake from German company EightyLeo.

Germany’s move reflects growing concerns about foreign acquisitions and investments in strategic industries, particularly when it involves critical infrastructure like satellites. By intervening in this acquisition, the government aims to safeguard the national interest and ensure that vital assets in the space sector remain under domestic control.

These ongoing developments highlight the complexities surrounding the regulation and oversight of the commercial space industry. Balancing the need for safety and security with fostering innovation and growth remains a challenge for governments worldwide.