Fri. Dec 8th, 2023
The Come Back Alive Fund Allocates UAH 18.6 Million for Communication Systems for SBU Special Operations Teams

The Come Back Alive charity foundation has allocated over UAH 18.6 million in donations to purchase additional communication terminals for the Security Service’s special operations teams, according to the SBU press service. These funds were raised through donations from Ukrainians, and their purpose is to ensure high-quality communication for special operations planned and executed by the Special Operations Center A of the Security Service.

In addition to firearms, effective communication is crucial for successful operations, whether on the front lines or in the enemy rear. The Come Back Alive fund has directed its resources to purchase communication systems that will enhance the capabilities of the SBU special operations forces.

As part of this initiative, volunteers have provided Starlink terminals, protected license radios with programming cables, and car radios to the fighters. The equipment will be utilized by the SBU forces to increase their effectiveness in countering invaders and their military equipment.

The Security Service expressed its gratitude to all Ukrainians who have contributed to the effort of supporting and helping the country’s defenders. The funds allocated by the Come Back Alive fund will play a vital role in strengthening the communication infrastructure of the SBU special operations teams.

In related news, Ukraine’s defense intelligence units have recently accepted six Leleka-100 UAVs, worth nearly UAH 9 million, into service. These unmanned aerial vehicles will further enhance the capabilities of the Ukrainian defense forces in their ongoing efforts to ensure the country’s security.

The allocation of funds for communication systems and the acquisition of advanced UAV technology demonstrate the commitment of Ukraine and its citizens to strengthening the country’s defense capabilities. With these resources and continued support, the Ukrainian security forces are better equipped to safeguard their nation’s sovereignty and protect its interests.