Tue. Oct 3rd, 2023
Skyloom to Provide Optical Communications Terminal to Satellogic for Earth Observation Satellites

Space-based telecommunications company Skyloom has announced a new contract with Earth observation firm Satellogic. Under this contract, Satellogic will integrate Skyloom’s Optical Communications Terminal (OCT) into its satellites. The OCT will be used to test new methods of Earth observation data delivery.

One of the key applications of the OCT will be to facilitate the transmission of EO data through Skyloom’s geostationary-based (GEO) lasercom network infrastructure called SkyCompass-1. This infrastructure has been developed in collaboration with Space Compass. Additionally, the OCT will enable direct downlink to a gateway.

In the initial phase of the contract, Satellogic’s spacecraft will establish a link between low Earth orbit (LEO) and a ground station located in Broomfield, Colorado. This link will be established by handshaking with Skyloom’s optical ground station.

Skyloom, along with its partner Space Compass, has recently completed the Critical Design Review for the SkyCompass-1 optical communications network infrastructure. This review included assessments of the space, ground, user, and network segments of the infrastructure. The SkyCompass-1 network is expected to commence providing network services by 2025.

This partnership between Skyloom and Satellogic signifies the increasing importance of reliable and efficient data delivery systems for Earth observation satellites. By utilizing the OCT and the SkyCompass-1 infrastructure, Satellogic aims to enhance its capabilities in capturing and transmitting high-quality EO data.