Fri. Sep 29th, 2023
Near Real-Time Fire Damage Reports Provided by Finnish Satellites

Emergency responders in Australia will soon have access to near real-time fire damage reports from Finnish satellites. This partnership between Finnish company ICEYE, Geoscape Australia, and the federal government will utilize Geoscape’s locational and building data to capture accurate, high-resolution imagery of fire fronts and damage. These satellite images can be captured in any conditions, including day or night, cloud or smoke, providing emergency agencies with crucial information.

By deploying ICEYE’s Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) satellites, responders will have near real-time visibility of the damage caused by fires. This data will also provide insights into the potential fire path, allowing for more accurate deployment of resources and better warnings for communities under threat. This initiative comes as fire seasons are starting earlier due to warmer winter and spring temperatures, leading to larger and more destructive fires.

Previously, on-ground reconnaissance was the primary method for surveillance and damage assessments. However, this process was slow and limited, especially in cases where there was heavy cloud cover or smoke. ICEYE’s SAR technology overcomes these limitations, providing actionable intelligence for fire and flood response. By combining the satellite imagery with Geoscape Australia’s locational and building data, emergency agencies will have a highly detailed view of damage and potential vulnerabilities.

This collaboration is part of a broader effort to modernize fire, flood, and storm surveillance in Australia. Geoscape Australia’s CEO, Dean Capobianco, emphasizes that integrating comprehensive location intelligence with ICEYE’s natural catastrophe intelligence capabilities will significantly improve decision-making processes for government bodies and enterprises.

Additionally, mining billionaire Andrew Forest’s Minderoo foundation is supporting the use of satellite and high-tech sensor technology to quickly identify bush fire outbreaks, with the goal of extinguishing fires before they become catastrophic. Other companies, such as Exci, are also offering satellite detection technology to aid in fire prevention.

By utilizing Finnish satellites and Australian locational data, emergency responders will have a more effective and timely response to fire and flood events. This integration of technology and data will support efficient decision-making and provide the necessary support to affected communities.