Sat. Dec 2nd, 2023
Israeli Ground Forces Surround Gaza City in Ongoing Operation

Israeli ground forces have been in Gaza for a week, with their main focus being on Gaza City. Satellite imagery and social media posts provide some insight into the movement of Israeli forces and the overall strategy of their campaign, which aims to destroy Hamas.

The Israeli forces have encircled Gaza City along three axes – two from the north pushing towards the city and one in the southeast moving across the entire Gaza Strip. It is the southeast axis that has covered the most ground in the first week, as evidenced by eyewitness videos and high-resolution satellite images. There are approximately two-dozen Israeli armored vehicles stationed near Salah Al Deen Road, which is a main route between Gaza City and the south of the strip.

The goal of the Israeli operation is to destroy Hamas. The encirclement of Gaza City suggests that Israeli forces are preparing for prolonged operations in the area. Little information has been released by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and military leaders regarding the specifics of the ground operation.

Further updates and developments of the operation are yet to be determined.