Sat. Dec 2nd, 2023
Ymir-1 Satellite Launched to Revolutionize Maritime Communication

Ymir-1, a satellite equipped with advanced technology, was successfully launched into space on November 11 via SpaceX’s Falcon 9. This landmark event marks a new era in maritime communication, according to Saab, the company behind the satellite’s technology.

Ymir-1 serves as a test satellite and plays a vital role in the development of the next generation of the Automatic Identification System (AIS). AIS is a communication system used by ships to transmit important data such as position, speed, and course. It is a mandatory requirement for larger ships and boats in civilian traffic.

Saab’s subsidiary, Saab TransponderTech, is a prominent manufacturer of AIS transponders and has incorporated their advanced transponder technology into the Ymir-1 satellite. This collaboration between Saab, AAC Clyde Space, and ORBCOMM within the AOS consortium promises groundbreaking advancements in maritime communication.

The primary goal of this project is to upgrade the existing AIS to a new technology called VDES (VHF Data Exchange System). VDES not only significantly enhances the system’s capacity but also enables secure two-way communication through satellites. Unlike the current coastal limited coverage, VDES ensures global coverage, revolutionizing communication in the maritime industry.

VDES aims to integrate the realms of land, sea, air, and space by combining advanced transponders, state-of-the-art software, and satellites. The project’s vision is to create a comprehensive navigation and communication system that embodies the latest advancements in technology.

The Ymir-1 satellite, constructed in Sweden, serves as an indispensable tool for research and development in collaboration with Saab, AAC Clyde Space, and ORBCOMM. The consortium plans to continue working on the project until 2024, ensuring the successful implementation of VDES and its subsequent benefits to the maritime sector.