Fri. Sep 29th, 2023
Women-Built Satellite Faces Funding Roadblock

A team of women engineers has faced a funding roadblock in their ambitious project to launch a satellite called WESAT (Women Engineered Satellite). The satellite, built by the Space Club of LBS Institute of Technology for Women, aims to measure Ultraviolet (UV) radiation in space and on the earth’s surface. However, while the team had arranged Rs 10 lakh for the initial stage of the project, they now require almost double that amount for fabrication, testing, and subsequent processes.

With no government assistance forthcoming, the LBS Institute of Technology for Women has turned to private companies and corporations for sponsorship. The project has a scheduled launch date in November, and major delays due to lack of funds would jeopardize the team’s hard work.

By sponsoring the WESAT satellite, corporations have the opportunity to support scientific exploration and contribute to women’s empowerment. To facilitate financial aid, a dedicated bank account has been opened.

This project highlights the significant contributions of women in the field of space exploration and emphasizes the importance of empowering women in scientific fields. The WESAT satellite aims to provide valuable data on UV radiation, which can further our understanding of space and its impact on the earth’s surface.

The team behind the WESAT project is hopeful that with the support of private sponsors, they can secure the necessary funds to bring their satellite mission to fruition. They remain committed to advancing scientific knowledge and promoting gender equality in the field of space technology.